Letter From The President...

It is now 2008 Systems Engineering of Egypt “SEE” is 24 years old going on 25. The Egyptian economy is flourishing. Egypt reached an outstanding record in economic rate of gross not only compared to previous achievements but also on the international level. The country made a great leap up in the list of most attractive countries for investments. A great understanding and focus on the role of Communication and Information Technology is shown by both the government and the civil society organizations. CIT capabilities are coming to be a must in carrier development and an integrated part of any education or training program. At SEE, we feel that we are an integrated part of this growth. We also feel the strong recognition of the concerned society that SEE was an effecting element and a catalyst for the country growth.

Since the establishment of SEE in 1984, See has been participating in building almost every large and sensitive application data network in this country. SEE had a clear and recognized role in developing the plastic money industry in Egypt. In addition, the role of SEE in building better Egyptian Tourism and Aviation industry through building Airport runways and ground services and seaport management systems on the highest level of technicality and professionalism is very well recognized. SEE achievements; in many situations, grew across the borders to help in developing the industry in other Arab and African countries.

In spite of the fact that SEE affiliated companies revenue grew to exceed by far a quarter of Billion Egyptian pounds in Egypt only, we are really proud by our greatest achievement, that is developing great know how in the region through introducing new technologies almost every year and continually introducing to the market more and more of highly qualified technical and professional staff.

It was impossible to achieve this position with out the support, encouragement and trust of our customers and friends. We are planning on doing our utmost to keep this trust and recognition.