Data Communications

Since 1984 SEE Is the Pioneer in the Egyptian Market in the design, implementation and support of Data Communication Infrastructure solutions.
SEE provides consultancy services regarding end to end Data Communication solutions that meet customers' current and future needs. SEE assists the Egyptian Market migrating of the legacy networks from desktop-centric client/server environments to intranet works with traffic control, security and management capabilities.

Unified Communications Services

A Unified Communications Services or converged IP network infrastructure solution (Integrating Data, Voice and Video services) enables significant operational cost savings and more flexible services and functionality. SEE has extensive experience in designing, building and managing secure, converged networks that enable organizations to improve productivity and reduce support costs. SEE has been a pioneer in Unified Communication and highly active in the field for many years and since the introduction of this technology and trend on the international arena. SEE can claim the following as some of its milestones:


  • Largest implementation of IP Telephony at the Banking Sector
  • First implementation of IP Contact Center at the Egyptian Market
  • First implementation of IP Telephony Solution in the Aviation sector

Security Services

With the continual development and perfection in data communication technology, economies become more and more dependent on it and the security of such systems becomes more of concern. Organizations reduce risk by implementing protection stratigies and systems such as firewalls, passwords, security policies and procedures. However, no system is static, and vulnerabilities and threats are constantly evolving. Therefore, protective countermeasures must be constantly updated to maintain an appropriately lower risk status. In order to achieve this, organizations must detect weaknesses in their protection with reviews, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection systems and more. Finally, detection is useless without the ability to react in real-time. Hence, protection, detection and response form a cycle of good security.

SEE’s approach to security is built on the concept that effective security requires to be proactive with continual performance evaluation to provide end-to-end security solution for the IT Infrastructure.
SEE can claim the following as some of SEE’s milestones in this area

  • First implementation of end-to-end Security solution In Banking Sector
  • First implementation of end-to-end Security solution in the Public Sector
  • First implementation of end-to-end Security solution in the Oil& Gas Sector

Wireless Communication

"The World Is Going Wireless". So is SEE.
Around the turn of the twentieth century, It became clear to all technology specialties that the world main concerns in the Twenty First century will be Mobility and Security.

As SEE has already been heavily involved in security, it remains to enhance it wireless capabilities to meet the new mobility requirements.

SEE has invested heavily in preparing a new highly qualified team of Wireless specialists to meet SEE technical qualifications standards.

Today, SEE has one of the most powerful wireless teams in the market and the region that support both Wi-Fi and WiMAX Solutions.

SEE, in co-operation with some of the strongest vendors In the Industry, can provide full mobility solution based on Wi-Fi unified Mobility solutions. Integrated Data and Voice fixed and nomadic broadband solutions based on Wi-Max technology.
Major Wireless Solutions in Egypt is powered by SEE.

  • First implementation of Certified (and largest Integrated) WiMAX Solution In the Governmental Sector
  • First implementation of end-to-end Unified mobility Solution in the medical sector
  • First implementation of end-to-end Unified Wireless Solution in the hospitality sector