Kusch+Co is one of the leading contract furniture manufactures and is known for its high-quality interior concepts for offices and projects.
Kusch+Co offers a wide range of products. Each series stands on its own and can blend in with varied interiors. Waiting is a daily constituent of our life! We wait in the lounge of our business partner, in the airport for our flight, in a department until it is our turn at long last or as an applicant in the reception area terminal combines sophisticated design with great utility. In the “economy-class“, the seat shells of perforated steel are powder coated. The “business-class“ is upholstered : you can choose between hard-wearing textile or stylish leather. Our airport seating is always high-class.


PIC2Today, Wanzl is the largest manufacturer of shopping  and airport trolleys in the world. Each year around 1.8 million units are manufactured and sold in a huge range of different models. For decades, the company has continued to develop landmark products for comfortable shopping and selling that have set standards and are now a matter of course for customers throughout the world. Wanzl is now a partner of international retail chains and has brought its outstanding quality to new applications in other industries as well.

Trans-Lux Corporation is a leader in information display systems that enjoys a long history of innovation and financial strength. Founded in 1920, it is the oldest listed company on the American Stock Exchange, where its securities have traded under the symbol "TLX" since 1925. Trans-Lux is a leading manufacturer, distributor and servicer of real-time, programmable electronic information displays for use in both the indoor and outdoor markets. These displays are used primarily in applications for the financial, banking, gaming, corporate, transportation, entertainment and sports industries. In addition to its display business, the Company owns and operates a chain of motion pictures theatres in the western Mountain States.


Safegate Group is an international company with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and representatives in more than 50 countries around the world. The main objective for Safegate Group is to provide the airport industry with efficient solutions for more and safer aircraft movements. The solutions include operations, control and handling of aircraft on the ground, airborne aircraft close to the airport and ground vehicles at the airport. As a result of dedicated research and development throughout the years Safegate Group is today considered a specialist in its field of business. 


Member of Beumer group, the name CRISPLANT is associated with technical innovation and system design and reliability .

Move your products to your customers faster, more efficiently and more precisely with CRISPLANT integrated solutions.
No matter how challenging your building or logistics process CRISPLANT has the solution.


Figueras international seating is a global company based on innovation and design, and specialized in offering seating solutions for public use projects.


initially a simple building and furniture carpentry workshop, founded in 1842, our company has been supplying the needs of schools with high-quality furniture and blackboards manufactured by our own production line, as well as the first stair-mounted auditorium seating, dating back to the mid 1930 s.

Several generations later and still in family ownership, the company has developed from a humble workshop to the modern concern it is today offering the necessary competence and know-how required to expertly equip major projects for universities, arenas and theatres.


In Della Rovere we create work environments designed for man and his wellbeing, combining instruments such as technological research.
Italian design and craft expertise with and industrial productive capacity of low environmental impact.

We are aware of being promoters of an evolutionary process involving men and women, increasing their competence in the solution of problems on the basis of real experience, by living daily among the environments we have designed and created.


It is not a matter of knowing the answers, but of understanding the questions. By questioning, we approach our environment, our past, and our future.
they are the route to our objective.

Awards in four successive years in innovation prize for architecture and technology set a high standard, and are a measure of a philosophy based on a readiness to innovate when the subjects are Decke Licht Raum (ceilings, light, space).
Durlum`s objective is to positively influence spaces through harmony of ceiling and light.
We offer individual solutions which unite function and design.
And above all solutions in which you feel good.


 Evans Airport Solutions (EAS) is a subsidiary of Evans Consoles Corporation (ECC) of Calgary, Canada. EAS is the actual continuation of the former NKI Group of The Netherlands.

 ECC and EAS/NKI have a combined experience of over 35 years, during which ECC completed 8500 command centre installations and EAS/NKI completed over 400 airport interior projects worldwide. The experience and success of ECC and EAS/NKI are unparalleled.    

The impressive project track record, the exceptional designs and quality of work performed by EAS/NKI have won the appreciation of airport owners and travellers across the globe and have shaped EAS/NKI into an experienced project organization.  

EAS’ scope of airport interior products includes: complete check-in islands with counters and canopy structures, any conceivable type of counter or booth, fit-out and finishing of lounges, concessions and entertainment areas and terminal wayfinding signage. Besides products for terminal interiors, EAS also supplies airfield signs and has recently embarked upon a programme to develop an innovative airfield sign with revolutionary LED-based lighting.


CEIA  is the leading expert in the field of electromagentic technology. CEIA is a world leading manufacturer of security screening equipment, specializing in the design, engineering and production of a complete range of devices, including: Walkthrough, Handheld and Ground Search Metal Detectors, Bottled Liquid Scanners, Non-Metallic Cargo Inspection and Loss Prevention Systems. With over 45 years of industry experience, and a reputation for very high performance, ease of operation and outstanding reliability, CEIA is the supplier of choice for security-conscious customers worldwide.


operates since 1986 on professional security market, Our firm is able to design and develop advanced devices and system, for physical and electronic protection.Our activity is based on segmentation of the requirements for each security area, in order to guarantee the specific solution which best meets each specific customer needmain production activity satisfies two application fields: active security, with electrical/electromechanical control devices; access control automation and integrated security, with complete access systems provided with total electronic control.